The Enya Discography Editor

Tempus Vernum by Enya

2:24 produced by Nicky Ryan lyrics by Roma Ryan


Ergo, oceanus, maritimus, ergo opacare, matutinus, ergo septentrio, meridies, ergo occidens et orientis, ergo oceanus, maritimus, opacare, matutinus, septentrio, meridies, occidens et orientis, ergo terra, stella, hiems et aestas, ergo autumnus et tempus vernum, ergo radius solis et umbra, ignis, aqua, caelum, luna, terra, stella, hiems et aestas, autumnus et tempus vernum... tempus vernum...


Therefore, ocean, sea, therefore dusk, dawn, therefore north, south, therefore west and east, therefore ocean, sea, dusk, dawn, north, south, west and east, therefore earth, star, winter and summer, therefore autumn and spring time, therefore ray of the sun and shade, fire, water, sky, moon, earth, star, winter and summer, autumn and spring time... spring time...