The Enya Discography Editor

Aníron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen) by Enya

1:37 produced by Nicky Ryan lyrics by Roma Ryan


O môr henion i dhú Ely siriar, êl síla Ai! Aníron Undómiel Tiro! Êl eria e môr. I 'lir en ê luitha 'uren. Ai! Aníron...


From darkness I understand the night Dreams flow, a star shines Ah! I desire Evenstar Look! A star rises out of the darkness The song of the star enchants my heart Ah! I desire...
Enya wrote and performed this piece for the soundtrack of the film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It runs approximately 1:37 and is featured within the track The Council Of Elrond, which is 3:49 long. The second part of the lyrics is not featured in the song, but was published in Roma Ryan´s Library of the main page.